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Best Bottom Paint Review

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So clearly you have landed on this page because you are on the hunt to find out what is the best bottom paint for your boat. Well, then you are in good hands because we have taken the liberty to write this comprehensive review so that we could help people, just like yourself, narrow in on the best choice for their vessels.


If you plan to store your boat in the water for long periods of time, then it is very important that you take the steps to protect the underside of your hull from the vast amounts of marine growth that will build up in a very short amount of time.


Allowing this type of growth to take place will drastically affect the speed and fuel efficiency of your vessel. If left unchecked, then you will be dealing with more problems than lack of speed and fuel efficiency.


There are MANY different types of bottom paints, also known as antifouling paint, on the market today, and it can become quite the task to choose the right one for your needs. For that reason, we have created this guide to help assist you in finding the right bottom paint for your hull.


Let’s go!!!

Table of Contents:

- The Top 6 Antifouling Paints Reviewed for 2021

1. Interlux Bottomkote NT Review

2. Pettit Odyssey Triton Review

3. TotalBoat JD Select Review

4. TotalBoat Underdog Review

5. Rust-Oleum Bottom Paint Review

6. Sea Hawk Cukote Review

- Bottom Paint Buyers Guide

- What are the Different Types of Bottom Paint?

Copolymer Ablative

Modified Epoxy - Hard

Aluminum Safe

Thin Film


Soft Sloughing


- How Much Bottom Paint Do I Need?

- Should I Use Copper-Based or Copper-Free Bottom Paint?

- Freshwater or Saltwater?

- Compatibility to Material or Surface

- Launching and Recoating

- FAQ’s:

Who makes the best bottom paint?

What is the best bottom paint for fiberglass boats?

How long does bottom paint last on a boat?

How much does bottom paint slow down a boat?

Where to buy bottom paint?

- Our Final Thoughts

The Top 6 Antifouling Bottom Paints Reviewed for 2021

1. Interlux Bottomkote NT Review (Hard)

Interlux Bottomkote NT.jpg

The Interlux Bottomkote NT (New Technology) is our top choice because of its dual-resin technology which gives it the benefits of both hard and ablative paints all in one can. You get the best of both worlds with this product.


In order to prevent any paint build-up, Fiberglass Bottomkote will slowly wash away over the course of a boating season providing a long-lasting coat similar to other hard paints. It is also one that works great with sailboats and power boats alike and it bonds well to fiberglass, wood, and prime metals.


It does not matter if your vessel will be spending most of its time in freshwater, saltwater, and even brackish water, because it holds up very well in all situations.


The finish on this Interlux bottom paint is very tough and with the slow self-polishing process it will hold up well to prevent marine growth and can produce season-long protection.


There are quite a few color options for you to choose from that include black, red, dark blue, blue, brown, green and shark white. These colors are chosen by Interlux because of how well they compliment the overall look of most boats.

Color Options:

  • Black

  • Red

  • Dark Blue

  • Blue

  • Brown

  • Green

  • Shark White


Don’t bypass the preparation instructions in order to achieve the best results, because this top pick allows you to apply the paint and launch your boat the same day due to the fast drying time.


You will have a well protected boat bottom along with a great fuel-efficient finish with our top choice.


For the best results, you will want to apply about 2 to 3 coats of this paint with a roller, brush, or a sprayer.


It is offered up in either 1 gallon or 3 gallon sizes, so it is more suitable for larger vessels or multiple smaller boats that may need painted all at once.


Works well with both sailboats and power boats.

Stays strong in brackish water, saltwater, and freshwater.

Utilizes a slow self-polishing mechanism to prevent paint build-up.

Offers season-long protection from marine growth.

Suitable for fiberglass, wood and prime metals.

The dual-resin technology gives the best of both worlds of ablative and hard paints.




Does not work for aluminum boats.

Does not apply as smoothly or evenly as other paints do.

2. Pettit Odyssey Triton Review (Ablative)

Pettit Odyssey Triton Bottom Paint_edite

3. TotalBoat JD Select Review (Ablative)

Total Boat JD Select Bottom Paint.jpg

Being one of the few bottom paints on the market that offer low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), TotalBoat JD Select is very cost-effective and one gallon of this stuff can go a long way. This water-based paint can cover about 400 square feet per gallon and is ideal for fiberglass, steel, and wood boats.


JD Select is very easy to apply and is an absolute breeze when it comes to cleaning up because it is a water-based paint and only requires some soap and water to do the trick. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that it is unable to do its job though. 


JD Select is a very effective anti-fouling paint that has a concentrated biocide in its formula and works well in fresh and saltwater.


Considered a single-season protector, it works well at combating barnacles, weeds, and slime from clinging to the bottom of your sailboat or powerboat.

To get the best results with this paint, you will want to apply 1 to 2 coats with a roller, a brush, or a sprayer. If it seems a bit thick, then you just need to thin it out a bit with a little water beforehand.

Color Options:

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Red

  • Green


Depending on what the temperature is outside, you can reapply additional layers after about an hour and a half wait between layers and then launch the boat in about 6 hours.




The water-based formula makes for easy clean-up

Low VOC and low odor

Easy to apply and dries very quickly

Great for speed and fuel efficiency

Can be applied over most anti-fouling paints

Forms a hybrid paint film that works in fresh and saltwater




Requires a good quality thinner to work well

Does not offer multi-season protection

4. TotalBoat Underdog Review (Ablative)

Total Boat Underdog Antifouling Bottom Paint.jpg

This single-season ablative paint from TotalBoat is best used on fiberglass, wood, and steel boats to provide the best protection from marine organisms, trailering, and beaching. Once this stuff dries, it holds up very well to frequent use and is perfect for sailboats.


If you choose to go this route, you can rest assured that this paint will put up the ultimate fight against marine fouling by releasing fresh biocide, as your boat moves through the water, to repel those pesky barnacles that want to attempt to make a home on your vessel's hull.


On top of it being able to combat fouling activities very well, it has great results at preventing paint build-up, which will make it easier to apply fresh coats each year, and who wouldn’t enjoy the fact that it is very economical in price considering the job that it does.


A gallon of this paint goes a long way with the 500 square feet that it can cover with each gallon and is easy to apply with either a roller, brush or spraying.

Color Options:

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Red


Underdog by TotalBoat is best if you apply 2 coats and allow at least one and a half hours of drying time between each coat for temps at 90°F and 3 hours for temps at around 70°F and 6 hours at 50°F. 


Relaunch of your boat will require a wait time between 6 and 16 hours depending on outside temperatures.




Perfect for boats that are used frequently

Fast drying times

Economical price point

Very durable against abrasions from trailering and air exposure

Does not require sanding between new applications

Works well on wood, fiberglass, and steel




Requires xylene to thin it out if you are going to use a spray application

Not able to be used in the state of Washington or San Diego due to the high copper biocide

5. Rust-Oleum Bottom Paint Review (Hard)

Rust-Oleum Bottom Paint.webp

This is a hard antifouling paint that is ideal for a cost effective option for avid boaters to protect their hull from unwanted growth that will be spending a lot of time on the water. It is suitable for fiberglass, wood, and primed metals. However, DO NOT use this option for aluminum boats.


Certainly one of the most well known and respected brands in the painting industry, this option will allow you to rest assured that your vessel is well protected from any unwanted marine organisms attaching themselves to it.


This Rust-Oleum Marine Flat Bottom Paint is very thick, but yet it goes on very well as it is easy to spread and provides a nice smooth finish. This paint is even ideal for beginners that want to take on a DIY project because of how easy it is to apply.


It offers top quality antifouling properties and will give you a nice flat finish to keep your boat’s hull protected, looking amazing, and provide multi-season protection.


While this is not a commercial grade product, it is perfect for those boating enthusiasts that keep their boats in the water for long periods of time and for those that are looking for a great deal on a high quality product.


You will want to apply a minimum of 2 coats to the boat bottom for best results along with 4 hour drying times between each coat. It is also best to wait at least 16 hours before relaunching back into the water and should be done within 2 months of applying the paint.


This option is available in quart-sized cans and should be enough to coat about 110 square feet. You can apply this over the top of other antifouling bottom paints and will still get a nice protective seal over old layers.

Color Options:

  • Black

  • Blue


Note: Be sure to apply in a well ventilated area, use a good quality respirator and wear proper PPE when using this product because it produces VERY strong fumes and has a strong odor to it.




Provides excellent antifouling properties for fiberglass, wood, and steel.

Easy to apply and covers surfaces very well.

Provides multi-season protection.

Works well in both saltwater and freshwater environments.

Durable to abrasions from trailer mounting.

Dries fast




Has a very strong smell to it (be sure to use a respirator and proper PPE)

Only available in Black or Blue