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Propeller Removal

Mobile Marine Prop Removal & Installation Service

Streamline your vessel’s performance with J&J Boat Services in-water boat prop services.

How Our Propeller Services Work

Simple, Smooth and Effortless Experience

Give us a call to schedule your propeller service today. With just one call, we’ll start tailoring our expert service to meet your specific needs promptly and professionally.

Our skilled dive techs come to you, performing propeller removal directly in the slip to eliminate the need for boat haulouts. This step minimizes downtime and ensures a hassle-free experience.

Once removed, your propellers are safely transported to our trusted repair shop. We handle all logistics, ensuring your propellers receive the precise tuning and repair needed for optimal performance.

After your propellers are tuned and repaired, our dive techs will re-install them. This process is conducted with precision to ensure proper alignment and functionality.

You will be provided with a detailed pre and post-service report with your invoice, which provides a transparent record of the work performed and the improved condition of your propellers.

From removal to reinstallation, we manage the entire process, allowing you to sit back and relax.

Top 5 Benefits of Balancing and Tuning Your Boat's Propeller

The Impact of Properly Maintained Boat Propellers

Better Overall Performance for Your Vessel

Properly tuned propellers can make a significant difference in how your boat operates. With tuned propellers, your vessel will respond better to throttle adjustments, glide more smoothly through the water, and generally handle in a more predictable manner.

Increased Fuel Efficiency & Speed

Well-tuned propellers make it so that your engine doesn’t work harder than it needs to. By promoting optimal water flow and reducing drag, a tuned propeller helps your boat to move faster while consuming less fuel. Not only will this help save money at the fuel pump, but it can extend your boat’s cruising range.

Synchronize Propeller/Engine Loading

Prop tuning helps in synchronizing the load between the engine and the propeller. This balance makes sure that the engine operates within its optimal power curve, preventing it from being overburdened or underutilized. This allows for the lifespan of your engine to be extended, and potential maintenance issues down the line can be avoided.

Minimize Noise and Vibrations that Can Lead to Drive Train Damage

Vibrations and noise can signal or even cause issues in a boat’s drive train. An improperly tuned propeller can create these unnecessary vibrations, potentially leading to drive train damage and cavitation over time. By tuning your propeller(s), you can minimize these disturbances, ensuring a quieter, smoother ride and reducing the risk of costly repairs.

Reduce Pre-mature Cutlass Bearing Wear

The cutlass bearing is crucial for your boat’s propulsion system, enabling the propeller shaft to rotate smoothly and efficiently. An incorrectly tuned propeller, however, can put undue stress on this bearing, leading to premature wear. Having your props tuned helps distribute the load evenly, reducing wear and extending the bearing’s lifespan.

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