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Answering Your Questions

 Navigate through the answers below, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re committed to providing clarity and ensuring your boat receives the best care possible.

Dive Services

Your Dive Service Questions Answered

How often would you recommend having the underside of my hull cleaned?

In most of our service coverage areas we recommend monthly cleanings due to the marine growth rate but offer other packages based on water salinity, usage and style of vessel. These are questions we ask once a customer calls in to determine the best fit for optimizing the performance of your vessel year round

Do I need to haul out my boat for you to do a bottom clean?

No, our full-time dive teams come to your boat and clean the bottoms in-water providing before/after pics, inspections reports and zinc anodes when needed. The only time you would need to haul out is when it’s time for fresh bottom paint or if there is damage we can’t fix underwater.

What other in-water diving services do you offer?

We offer in-water propeller removal and replacement, saving you time and cost vs hauling the boat out. We also do zinc changes, search and recovery, inspections for marinas, commercial landings and insurance companies, video and still photo services, and soil samples for dredge agencies.

Do you offer routine boat bottom cleans?

Absolutely! We offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly hull cleaning programs. We HIGHLY recommend the monthly service for most of our customers due to the growth rates in our surrounding marinas and waterways.

Can you change out my zinc anodes during your hull cleaning service?

Yes. Zinc anode inspections and replacements are all part of our hull cleaning service to ensure your boat bottom is clean and protected.

Do you clean boat bottoms that don't have bottom paint?

Unfortunately we no longer clean boat bottoms that do not have bottom paint. This is too much of a liability for us. If you have a bare bottom boat that is going to be kept in the water, it is highly recommended that you have bottom paint applied asap.

Detailing Services

Your Detailing Service Questions Answered

How often do you recommend having a boat detailed?

Up to twice a year if a boat is under covered storage. If kept in-water exposed to elements 24/7 then 3 to 4 times a year depending on the age and color of the boat. This will ensure proper protection from the sun’s UV rays, salt air, dirt, mold etc.

How long does it take to do a full detail on a boat?

Depending on the size and condition of the boat as well as the staff a typical boat in the 20 ft range can be a day whereas something in the 50+ ft range can take multiple days. Factors include oxidation level, if detailing full or portion of the vessel, location of the vessel, and size of staff available for that job.

How often should my boat get washed?

This question is best answered pending where you boat is stored, in-water or out, salt or fresh water environments, heavy fallout areas are city’s, highways, airports are all areas that create heavy fallout in the air so more frequent washings as weekly or bi-weekly are typically recommended to keep all those contaminants off of the boats surfaces.

Are you a mobile boat detailing company, or do I need to bring my boat to you?

We are fully mobile and will come to you, we service home sites, commercial landings, marinas etc. As long as we have water and power within 100ft of the vessel our techs are supplied with their own gear, nothing you need to provide from there.

Do you offer maintenance packages with your detailing services?

Absolutely! We highly encourage our customers to get on a routine detailing program for maximum protection of their boats’ surfaces. This will not only keep the boat looking its best, but it will help bring a higher ROI when it comes time to sell the boat. 

Do you detail boats in the water or do I need to haul it out?

Yes, we are able to fully detail boats that are in the water. We use a portable floating dock that allows our technicians to detail the waterside hull, caprail, etc. of the vessel. 

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