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Proudly Serving New Hanover County in North Carolina

Welcome to J&J Boat Services, your go-to destination for all your boat and yacht maintenance needs on Figure Eight Island. Count on us for top-tier marine detailing and diving services throughout Carolina Beach and its surrounding areas.

Our commitment to quality and community ensures that we not only meet but exceed your expectations with our efficient and friendly service. Rest assured, as a fully licensed and insured company, your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities.

From yacht detailing to mold and mildew prevention, and even hull bottom cleaning, our team employs advanced techniques and environmentally safe products. Choose J&J Boat Services and experience the difference with our trusted mobile marine diving and detailing experts.

Mobile Dive Services on Figure Eight Island

Our Divers Come to Your Boat's Location

  • Monthly & bi-monthly programs available
  • Ensure Intakes Remain Unobstructed and Clean
  • Eliminate Barnacle Accumulation
  • Remove algae and all other marine growth
  • Protect and maintain the longevity of your bottom paint.
  • Enhance Your Vessel’s Performance
  • Optimize Costs
  • In-water propeller removal and replacement service
  • Run aground? Give us a call and we will get you back on your way
  • Want to get your props tuned. Give us a call!
  • We can pull props up to 50 inches!
  • 50-ton hydraulic prop puller
  • All necessary prop smiths to handle any job.
  • Your Boat’s Important Corrosion Protection
  • Thorough inspections to determine when anodes need replacement
  • We use only high-grade zinc anodes
  • Professional Installation

Mobile Boat Detailing on Figure Eight Island

Our Detailers Come to Your Vessel!

  • 1x, 2x, 3x, and 4x per year wax programs available
  • Protect and preserve your boat surfaces
  • Restore the shine from heavy oxidation
  • Enhance resale value
  • Maintain proper UV ray protection with our high quality marine waxes
  • Improved hydrodynamics
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly wash programs are available.
  • Maintain your boat’s aesthetic appeal
  • Remove salt, mold, mildew, and all other surface dirt
  • Remove all rust stains, black streaks, etc.
  • Detect damage early to prevent further issues
  • Express, Full-Service, and Pre-Sale Packages
  • Carpets, upholstery, furniture, and all hard surfaces are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Eliminate unpleasant odors caused by dampness, spills, or lack of ventilation.
  • Keep mold and mildew at bay with our interior cleaning services
  • Prevents build-up and the accumulation of oil, grease, and other contaminants.
  • Reduce the risk of fires, as accumulated oil and fuel residue can be highly flammable.
  • See when potential detrimental oil leaks start.
  • Ensure optimal performance
  • Help resale value.
  • Utilizes advanced steam cleaning methods to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate boat carpets
  • Regular professional cleaning extends the life of your boat’s carpets
  • Employs environmentally safe cleaning products that effectively clean without harming marine life
  • Advanced Prevention Technology: Don’t just get rid of mold and mildew – Prevent It!!
  • Offers a robust solution that ensures mold and mildew resistance for a minimum of 3 months!
  • Reduces potential health risks associated with mold and mildew
  • Utilizes a non-toxic water-based solution.
engine room cleaning

Teak Cleaning & Brightening

  • Clean and Brighten the look of your teak
  • Bring back the natural color and get rid of the grey dingy look

Learn About J&J Boat Services

Top-Tier Boat Maintenance Solutions

Justin and Janna Heady owners of J&J Boat Services

In 2005, Janna and Justin Heady embarked on a mission to redefine marine maintenance. Today, they lead J&J Boat Services, a renowned marine detailing and diving company serving Figure Eight Island, NC. Their commitment to quality and community has garnered recognition in the marine sector.

They take pride in offering top-tier services to the vibrant boating community of New Hanover County, particularly Figure Eight Island and its surrounding areas. At J&J, boat maintenance is not just a service but a heartfelt dedication.

They strive to foster a proactive boating community on Figure Eight Island, focusing on exceptional service and forging enduring relationships. Each boat they care for and every client they engage with represents progress in their endeavor to enrich and preserve the local boating culture.

In Business Since 2005

Since its establishment in 2005, J&J Boat Services has established itself as a trusted name in the maritime industry, offering exceptional marine detailing and professional diving services in Figure Eight Island. Our team combines expert craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to ensure that your watercraft receives the utmost care and is maintained in impeccable condition. Count on us to deliver exceptional service and keep your vessel at its best.

Prompt & Courteous

J&J Boat Services, a distinguished name on Figure Eight Island, is widely recognized for our exceptional expertise and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Our swift response times and warm communication are designed to go above and beyond your expectations. Rely on us for efficient and friendly boat services that always prioritize your needs.

Licensed & Insured

As a fully licensed and insured company, J&J Boat Services gives our clients Figure Eight Island the assurance of quality and safety in every aspect of our service. We offer peace of mind, proficiently catering to all your boating requirements with guaranteed professionalism.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Mobile Boat Detailing on Figure Eight Island?

Absolutely! Our comprehensive mobile service extends to homes, commercial docks, and marinas on Figure Eight Island and its neighboring areas. As long as there’s water and power access within 100ft of your boat, our technicians will arrive fully equipped with all the required gear, eliminating the need for any extra supplies from you.

What areas do you provide your services?

Our services span across a broad region in Brunswick County, North Carolina.

Here’s the full rundown of our current service locales: Southport, Oak Island, Bald Head Island, Holden Beach.

How Frequently Should a Boat Be Detailed?

We suggest detailing up to twice annually for boats stored under cover. For those in-water and constantly exposed to the elements, 3 to 4 times a year is ideal, depending on the boat’s age and color. This routine helps shield against sun UV rays, salt air, dirt, and mold.

How long does it take to do a full detail on a boat?

The time it takes varies based on the boat’s size and condition, as well as staff availability. A typical 20 ft boat might take a day, while larger vessels, over 50 ft, could require several days. Factors influencing this include the level of oxidation, whether detailing is full or partial, the vessel’s location, and the size of the staff assigned to the job.

How Frequently Should I Have My Boat's Bottom Cleaned?

In most areas we serve, monthly cleanings are advised due to rapid marine growth. However, we also offer tailored packages considering factors like water salinity, usage frequency, and vessel type. When you call, we’ll discuss these aspects to identify the optimal cleaning schedule for your vessel’s year-round performance.

What other in-water diving services do you offer?

We offer in-water propeller removal and replacement, saving you time and cost vs hauling the boat out. We also do zinc changes, search and recovery, inspections for marinas, commercial landings, and insurance companies, video and still photo services, and soil samples for dredge agencies.

Do I need to haul out my boat for you to do a bottom clean?

No need for a haul-out. Our full-time dive teams will come to your boat and perform in-water bottom cleanings, complete with before/after photos, inspection reports, and zinc anodes as required. Hauling out is only necessary for fresh bottom painting or if there’s damage we can’t repair underwater.

Do You Offer Boat Interior Cleaning Services?

Certainly! We have three standard packages to suit various needs. Additionally, we’re happy to customize any of our detailing services to meet your specific requirements.

Do You Have Discounted Packages Available?

Indeed, at J&J Boat Services, we’re pleased to provide discounts to customers who are committed to maintaining their vessels at the highest standard. Check out our J&J Rewards Club for all discount opportunities.

Additionally, we take pride in supporting our veterans. Owners of veteran-owned vessels receive special discounts as our way of saying thank you for your service!

Our Service Areas

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  • 10% Off Gelcoat/Fiberglass/Paint Repair
  • 15% Off Teak Restoration
  • 20% Off Brokerage Commission
  • 10% Off Canvas & Upholstery Services

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