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February 26, 2021

Say Hello to Our Newest Underwater Marine Divers – Christian and Noah

J&J Boat Services was looking for a qualified underwater diver to join our growing team, and we found 2 very strong candidates in Christian and Noah.

What started out as a competition to see who would make the cut, ended with both guys being offered a job! Win, Win, Win, all the way around!

Very happy to have these two gentlemen as a part of the J&J Family.

We headed down to St. James to do some familiarization training to prepare them for the conditions they would be looking at working in.

Not all recreational divers are quite cut out to do this job, so it is very important that we take this step to ensure that the candidate understands what all is involved with the job and what is expected of them here at J&J.

Both guys did exceptionally well and we ended up making a spot for both of them in the end. They both had strong performances and we look forward to growing the business with them on our staff.

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