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Underwater Prop Removal at Wrightsville Beach - 375lb Propellers!!!

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

image of 2 guys posing with a massive yacht propeller

It's never a good feeling when you are cruising along in your yacht and realize that you are being blown in a direction you don't intend to go, only to hit a sandbar and damage your props.

This unfortunately recently happened and J&J was right there to humbly help out. However, this job was unlike most. This job consisted of two 375lb props with eight blades on them each. Absolute monsters!

picture of a damaged propeller from a yacht

Matthew is one of our senior divers and he was all to eager to jump in that clear Wrightsville Beach water and tackle the task. Matthew did an amazing job and the operation was a complete success with no issues at all.

As you will see in this short video clip, Matthew took a moment to have a little fun. He's a goofball. LOL!

diver for J and J Boat Services removing a boat propeller

We used some new flotation bags to help suspend the props in the water once they were removed from the enormous 80ft Hatteras Yacht. They worked out so well that you would never know that 700lbs of steel was simply floating in water with ease.

picture of air bags assisting to pull out a large boat prop

Once removed and floating, Matthew attached the strap the the yachts davit and hoisted each prop up and out of the water onto a mobile barge where they were then taken to the repair shop.

picture of a large boat propeller that was removed

This job certainly required all of the J&J big wigs to be on scene. Rich, our company manager and ex-diver, was there chomping at the bit to be in that water with Matthew. Although he is now semi-retired from diving, he was still very much a big part of the operation. Oh... he also got to push Matthew into the water at the end of the day. LOL

man helping a diver remove a boat propeller

The boss man himself, Justin, naturally was there as well to oversee things and to lend a helping hand when Rich had to take off. I think Justin wanted to jump in that water too and get his hands on these massive propellers.

guy assist diver with a prop pull

It may have something to do with the fact that Justin and Rich may have their record broken for the largest underwater prop pull performed here at J&J. This is still unknown at the time of writing this, but we will soon find out once they get measured.

image of 2 marine divers posing with a large boat propeller
Rich and Justin posing with their behemoth of a prop

J&J has been offering this service for many years, and we are continuously educating and training ourselves to be the best in the business. Keeping up on new techniques and tooling, we always aim to be that company that is a step ahead of the game and at the forefront of new technology being offered.

logo image for J and J Boat Services

If you are in need of our underwater prop removal services, you can contact us by the following methods:

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