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Our Services

Hull Bottom Cleaning

Barnacle buildup can cause more drag on your boat as it moves through the water. By having your boat bottom professionally cleaned you will improve your vessel’s ability to glide through the water with less resistance.


Zinc Anodes Inspection/Replacement

Zinc anodes are the protection you need for your boat's metallic parts (shafts, props, rudders, etc.). Referred to as sacrificial anodes, these anodes are placed over and connected to the metallic parts of your boat that need protection from electrolysis-caused corrosion.


In-Water Propeller Removal

Bent propeller or just in need of a tune-up? J&J will pull your props while your boat is in the water, have them reconditioned and re-installed with minimal downtime.  We have various tools necessary to effectively pull props up to 50″ including a 50 Ton Hydraulic Prop Puller

Additional Dive Services

Line Disentanglement

Search & Recovery

Hydro-Jet Cleaning

Dive-Tech Services

Rudder/Shaft General Repair Work (Pneumatic)
Still Photo & Video Services
Bulk Head/Dock/Mooring Cleaning & Inspections
Insurance/Survey Inspections

Detailing Services

Washing & Waxing

We offer 1-time or discounted routine maintenance washing and waxing programs tailored to you and your boats needs.


Interior & Carpet Cleaning

Our interior cleaning services will keep the living space of your boat or yacht just a pristine as our exterior services.


Engine Room & Bilge Cleaning

Maintaining a clean engine room and bilge allows you to see when potential detrimental oil leaks start. Also helps keep the components looking good for resale.


Add On Services

Metal Polish/Coating

* Aluminum & Stainless

Teak & Deck Cleaning

* Cleaning and Brightening

Canvas Cleaning & Protection

* Deep Clean & Apply Protectant

Hullsides Wash

* Wash & Dry Hullsides

Hatch/Lazzarette Cleaning

* Deep Clean Inside and Out

Tempered Glass & Clear Enclosure Services

* Machine Polish & Apply Ceramic Coating

Service(s) Frequency








Our Diving and Detailing programs are tailored to the boat owner who wants to use their investment any time & enjoy a trouble-free experience.

Our underwater diving maintenance programs saves you money when considering a faster hull speed, higher engine R.P.M., less fuel consumption, cooler running engines & more importantly the need to haul out.


Regarding our detailing services, it goes without saying, maintaining your vessels appearance and surfaces in these harsh marine environments creates higher resale values, protection of all exterior and interior components from oxidation, and sustaining the like-new finish and the envy of the marina!

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