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January 21, 2021

Underwater Prop Removal at Wrightsville Beach – 375lb Propellers!!!

Updated: March 15, 2023

Facing the Challenge of Unexpected Prop Damage

Unexpectedly, cruising in your yacht becomes daunting when you suddenly veer off course and hit a sandbar, damaging your props. This predicament recently unfolded, and J&J promptly stepped in to assist. Specifically, this particular job involved two monster 375lb props, each boasting eight blades. As you will see, Matthew did an amazing job during this underwater prop removal.

picture of a damaged propeller after an underwater prop removal

Dive Operation in Action

Our senior diver, Matthew, eagerly dove into the crystal-clear waters of Wrightsville Beach to tackle this challenging task. Consequently, he performed outstandingly, ensuring the operation’s success without a single hitch.

In a fun twist captured in a short video clip, Matthew showcased his playful side underwater.

diver for J and J Boat Services performing an in-water prop removal

Innovative Techniques in Prop Removal

For this operation, we introduced new flotation bags to suspend the hefty props in water after detaching them from the massive 80ft Hatteras Yacht. The bags worked wonders, making the 700 lbs of steel seem effortlessly buoyant.

picture of air bags assisting to remove a propeller from a large yacht in Wrightsville Beach

After detaching the props, Matthew connected the strap to the yacht’s davit, expertly hoisting each prop out of the water onto a mobile barge. From there, we transported the props to the repair shop.

picture of a large boat propeller that was removed during a prop removal service

Teamwork and Leadership

The job demanded the presence of all J&J leaders. Company manager and former diver, Rich, was on-site, visibly eager to dive in alongside Matthew.

Though semi-retired from diving, Rich played a crucial role in the operation and even got the chance to playfully push Matthew into the water at the day’s end.

man helping a diver remove a boat propeller in the water

Furthermore, Justin, the bossman himself, was also there, supervising the operation and assisting when Rich had to leave. Justin seemed just as keen to dive in and handle the massive propellers himself.

A Record in the Making?

Additionally, Justin and Rich might see their record for the largest underwater prop pull challenged by this operation. We’re still awaiting the official measurements to confirm this exciting possibility.

image of 2 marine divers posing with a large boat propeller that was removed from a large vessel

Rich and Justin pose proudly with the enormous prop.

Continuous Advancement and Service Expansion

At J&J, we’ve been providing this service for years, constantly seeking knowledge and training to stay at the industry’s forefront. Similarly, we’re always a step ahead, embracing new techniques and tools, ensuring we lead the way in innovative service offerings.

In Need of Our Expertise?

Should you require our expert underwater prop removal services, feel free to reach out:

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