Wilmington Boat Detailing and Marine Diving

If you are looking for the best boat and yacht detailers in the Wilmington NC area, then look no further. J&J has been offering our top notch marine services for over 15 years and stand behind our reputation.


We are staffed with professionally trained technicians that are sure to meet all of your boat maintenance needs and keep your vessel looking picture perfect.

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  • We offer 1-time or discounted routine maintenance washing and waxing programs tailored to you and your boats needs.

  • New to boating and don’t know what your vessel needs?  We can assist by offering free professional estimates to evaluate this need.

  • We treat every estimate the same whether you own a 10’ or 100’ yacht, you will be treated with the same respect and honesty

  • Trailered, in-water, lifts, boatyards we are mobile and have the equipment to service right where boat is so you don’t have to move it.

Our Services



  • Protects/preserves your boats surfaces

  • Gelcoat, paint, clear curtains, vinyls/stamoid, metals from oxidizing, rusting, pitting, cracking etc.


  • Keeps the salt, dirt, mold from building up which not only looks bad, but it can degrade the boats surfaces

  • We offer Gold, Platinum and Diamond packages

Gelcoat Restoration

  • Restores the oxidized surface back to like new condition

  • Raises value of boat

  • Protects from harmful uv rays

Ceramic Coatings

  • Superb sealants that outlast tradional polymers.

  • Applications to areas such as: glass, metals, vinyls, clear curtains

Glass/Plastic Restoration

  • Clarity of glass and plastics is key for visibility when operating your boat

  • Maintain your clear curtains, acrylics and plastics keeps replacement cost down or eliminated in some cases.


Teak Cleaning

  • Bring back the natural color of your teak, keeping it cleaned frequently will sustain it’s life and slow the wear and increase the time between need of sanding.

Interior Cleaning

  • Keeping your boats interior cleaning and mold free in a environment that is generally moist and damp is huge to keeping you and your boats health in check. 

  • Keeping your carpets, surfaces, bilges, etc clean and free of mold will keep the air inside your boat clean and surfaces lasting longer from costly replacement

Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning

  • Dust, dander, mold, etc can cause health issues, no different then your home freshly cleaned carpets and upholstery in your boat not only smells and looks good but goes along way for health when spending time aboard your boat

Engine Room and Bilge Cleaning

  • Maintaing a clean engine room and bilge allows you to see when potential detrimental oil leaks start, components looking good for resale

Marine Diving

Bottom Cleaning

  • Get rid of barnacles and other buildup on the bottom of your boat and critical intakes

  • Prolong the life of your vessels bottom and it’s components that rely on water flow

  • Save $$$ on Fuel Consumption

  • We Provide video inspections

Zinc Anodes

  • Monitoring and replacement

  • Protect your boat's metallic parts (shafts, props, rudders, etc.) from electrolysis-caused corrosion


  • Damaged prop, or just needing a periodic tune-up, we can pull props up to 50 inches in diameter!!

  • No need for expensive haul outs.

  • We pull your props while your boat is in the water, have them reconditioned and re-installed with minimal downtime

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Service Areas in North Carolina:

Southport, Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Oak Island, Holden Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, Bald Head Island, St. James, Topsail Island, Hampstead, Figure Eight Island, Surf City

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