Zinc Anodes

J&J offers a zinc anode inspection and replacement service for your prized vessels. This is a very important 


What are Zincs?

Zinc anodes are the protection you need for your boat's metallic parts (shafts, props, rudders, etc.). Referred to as sacrificial anodes, these anodes are placed over and connected to the metallic parts of your boat that need protection from electrolysis-caused corrosion.

Corrosion occurs from electrolysis; the wearing off of the metal that is caused by the current-equalizing effect on the different metals that are dipped in water. Anodes can be made from magnesium, aluminum, zinc, or alloys (combination of metals).

The need for zinc anodes stems from the fact that zinc has a higher voltage conduction than these other metals. As such, whenever zinc is connected to other voltage conductors (that make the different parts of your boat), current flows more through zinc than it does the other parts; limiting electrolysis to zinc alone.


Why do I Need Zincs?

If no zincs are present or they are drastically worn down, then they are left exposed to electrolysis which can weaken the propellers, shafts, struts, rudders and any other metal parts that are underwater causing cracks and breakage.

This is why Zinc Replacement is so important to the maintenance of the boat. We have found over the years, on average, zincs should be replaced every 4 to 6 months OR at the 40% mark depending on the boat.  The more we clean and monitor your zincs the better we can dial in your zinc anode wear as boats vary.

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